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Updates May 2024:)

*** We have Puppies available Mini/Moyen Sheepadoodles. Will be ready to go June.23 Pictures are on facebook or you can reach out.***



Our breeding schedule for 2024/2025

*F1b Mini/Moyen (now born) ***Availability on this litter👈😍

*Old English Sheepdog (pregnancy confirmed) Waitlist open 

*Just Mini Sheepadoodle (pregnancy confimed) Waitlist open 

*F1B Reverse Standard size (Now bred but pregnancy not confirmed))

Waitlists are,

**Standard size 50lbs-80lbs plus (F1b Reverse or F1) Sheepadoodle, 2024 & 2025 2024 waitlist full at this time/2025 waitlist is open

**F1b, "Just mini 15lbs-35lbs Sheepadoodle 2024 & 2025 waitlist is open


Mini/Moyen 30lbs-50lbs Sheepadoodle 2024 & 2025  We have availbilty on the curren Mini/Moyen litter.

Waitlist is open for 2025 Mini/Moyen 

Old English Sheepdogs 2024 & 2025  waitlist started for 2024 and open for 2025


keep in mind sizes are not guarantee but suggested from past litters parents or parents of those sizes. Also we can not guarantee a time frame but we suggest it and plan for it but mother nature doesnt always agree and a pregnancy may not take place as we all hoped

We now have starting doing up individual generation/size waitlist for Sheepadoodles. This is to help determine a better time frame of an available puppy and to help us with our future breeding schedulde.

{{{ Pleaase note our waitlist now has a time frame as how long you can be on it and its two years now. }}}


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