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  • Fundy Sheepdogs Prices
    STANDARD, MOYEN and MINI SHEEPADOODLE * $1500. plus HST15% (price may vary depending on size) * Non-breeding contract to be signed * $200. Non-Refundable deposit to be placed to be on waitlist and that's added into the total price of the puppy We now have to add the 15% N.B provincial sales tax to all dog prices OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG * $1500 plus the HST15% sales tax * Non-breeding contract to be signed * $200. Non-Refundable deposit to be placed to be on the waitlist and that's added into the total price of the puppy Most of the breeding dogs have now been genetically health tested. GUARDIAN DOG - HOME PROGRAM * No cost for price of dog * A $800 refundable deposit down and at the end of contract refunded back * Get a pick of the litter puppy/dog * Spay/neuter at end of contract payed by breeder * All breeding related cost paid for by the breeder * First years puppy boosters paid for and annual vaccines (till contract ends) * Micro chipping payed for * All genetic breed health testing done * Paid incentives for each litter produced * Dog food at discounted prices * Breeder support * 50% of Pet insurance payed for by breeder annually in "some" GH dogs * up to 2 litters for each GH dog placement Puppies come with: Complete veterinarian health check 72 hour health guarantee Breeder’s support First set of vaccines Worming accordingly to age Socialized around children and other dogs Early Neurological Stimulation (We also do early personality testing on the puppies to help your match up what your family is looking for in a new fur baby.) Introduced to water baths Small bag of puppy food Blanket with the mothers scent Puppy Collar Free trial of pet insurance Toy Information booklet on puppy care and grooming tips A Facebook group for all Fundy Sheepdogs owners to keep in contact with, Once a Fundy Sheepdog puppy/dog always a Fundy Sheepdog puppy/dog. If for some unfortunate reason you are no longer able to care for your Fundy Sheepdog puppy/dog. Call us first please. We will do everything we can to try to help Note: We believe in the natural way of the dog and do not dock tails or dew claws. Facebook groups connected to this website FUNDY SHEEPDOGS (main page) FUNDY SHEEPDOGS PUPPIES (group for sheepies)
  • Visitor Policies
    Please keep in mind that we are a small breeder and all our dogs live in our house which means all the puppies are born in our house. We do not allow any visitors in our home when there is a litter born. Our up-most importance is the safety of our puppies and dogs. Puppies that are not vaccinated are very vulnerable to disease and infections that can be pass unto a pup accidently from a visitor. This is very serious as some diseases and infections and take out a whole litter. Visits can also be very stressful to the mother dog and this may upset feeding times or milk production. We are responsible for not just your puppy safety but all the other families that have a puppy waiting for them. Puppies are not vaccinated until they turn 8 weeks old and then picked up by their new families. We hope that everybody understands our policies and encourage you to visit our face book page as well for many photos. If you are interested in a future pup from us would like to meet us and our gang (when a litter is not in house). We encourage you to make an appointment and we can set up available time for visit. We usually set up these times when we are expecting a litter. Please keep in mind running a kennel and keeping up with everyday things can be busy for us and it may take some time for a visit to be available.
  • Pick Ups and Final Payment
    The puppies are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks old, sometimes longer it depends on each puppies progress or if traveling) please make sure the timing for pick up works for you, if not you can pass till next litter. space is limited, please comfirm at the time of inquiry.(boarding fee may have to apply is stay is longer then exspected) We will set up a pick-up time by appointment a few weeks before pick up day. Cash is our preferred payment option, but can also be paid by e transfer (if paying by e-transfer, please have payment sent and recieved, no later than the morning of pick up. So, we can give time for the transfer to go through, thank you). Deposits are added to the final price of puppy. Non-breeding contract and sales agreement to be sign before taking the puppy home.
  • Delivery Options
    We are now able to offer shipping on most litters **our puppies health and saftey comes first** please message me for more info for shipping
  • Waitlists and Non-Refunable Deposits
    Waitlist are normally 8 months to a year give or take some. Also if you want a certain kind of puppy like sex, color, size or certain generation. your wait maybe longer. Due to the great deal of interest of our puppies, we will now have a non-refundable deposit waitlist. This will help us plan our breeding and allowing for family’s to better prepare for their new additions as well. We are a small breeder and only have limited number of litters a year. So, getting on our waitlist early is keys to reserving a puppy. If you would like to be add to our waitlist we would suggest you first get to know us a little by viewing our webpage, their you will also find our polices procedure and prices.we also suggest you visit our facebook page where their is alot of fun photos of our dogs and puppies. Then we would request you fill out a “puppy application”. Be as accurately as possible so that we can have the best information available to help your pick you puppy when the time comes. Skinny application makes it very hard to get to know you and understand where the puppy would be going. Sending in an application does not insure you will be able to adopt a puppy from us, it lets us know you are interested and would like to know more or are requesting to be on our deposit waitlist for a future puppy from us. After I review your application I will follow up with an email. At that time, I will let you know if you were approved and deposits information will be handled. These deposits are a way to help us know how many people are on the waitlist and the place the depositors are at on the waitlist as well. To be placed on our deposit waitlist requires a $200 non-refundable deposit that we accept through e-transfer. Your deposit will be applied towards the total price of your puppy. The remaining balance is due when the puppy turns 8 weeks old and before you take your puppy home. Unless travel arrangements have been made, then the balance and travel fee will be needed ahead of time. Those placed on the deposit waitlist will be given first choice, in the order that their deposit was placed. If there are not enough puppies, your name will go onto the next available litter. please keep in mind that there could also be potentially be times when your name could get “moved up” the waitlist, due to families passing on their turn. once the puppies turn around 6 weeks old depositors will began the picking out your puppy process. This will work as the first deposit gets first choice second deposit second choice ect.. if you are far down the waitlist it may take some time to get your turn. Once I notify you that’s its your turn you will have 24 hours to pick out your chosen choice of puppy. We will then reserve your name on that puppy you have choosen, as we see this as a full commitment in taking the puppy. You also have the choice to pass on your turn to pick a puppy from the litter offered to you. If you choose this opion i will transfer your name and deposit to the next availble litter. Keep in mind deposits are non-refundable!!! These puppies are very special to us and We do with hold the right to at anytime refuse placement of a puppy to any home or situation if we feel may be unsuitable. We will be in contact the whole way, so you can watch your puppy grow and keep you informed about their progress. This is such a fun time for me and the new puppy parents. Also, a great time to ask me any question that you might have as to preparing for your new puppy arrival. NOTE TO WAITLIST, PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. PRICES PAID BY THE PURCHASER ARE BASED ON THE PUPPY BIRTH DATE OF THE PUPPY PLUS HST. We also reserve the right to have the first pick of any litter to better my breeding program. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT WHEN THE DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED IT IS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT THAT YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF OUR WAITLIST AND DEPOSITS POLICES.
  • Guardian Home Program
    GUARDIAN HOME Guardian homes are a great opportunity for the right family,our guardian program is designed this way to benefit everyone involved: the dog,the breeder and the forever family's. we also develop a close relationship with our guardian family and work together during the dog short breeding career. A guardian home is a local home that is a forever home for one of our dogs in our breeding program. Guardian home allow our breeding dogs to live with family's in a safe loving environment with pampered as they deserve. we also believe that a well loved parent dog will pass their love down to their puppies. i use guardian homes, so i can further my breeding program without having to many dogs inmy home to care for. our guardian home family's get to enjot the excitement about being part of our breeding program and seeing the offspring of their very own guardian dog be placed with family's. we also offer discounts on any additional puppies they wish to purchase from us for their home, plus a discount on dog food and bonus "Thank You" Incentive for each litter produced $250. for females or $100 for a success breeding of a litter for males. We only have occasionally guardian homes availble from time to time and will be very selective in the process in finding the right family for onr of our guardian dogs if you think you would make a great guardian home for one of our dogs and would like to learn more, you will need to fill out a puppy applaction and put down that you are interested in a guardian home placement, i will send out some more info on our guardian program. if you feel that a guardian home sounds like a good fit for you, then let me know and i will contact you, so we can talk further on the topic and how the process works. FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE NEWS ON LITTERS AND AVAILABILITY ON GUARDIAN DOGS, SEE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE OR MESSAGE ME
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Please fill out a puppy application if your interested in one of our beautiful puppies.
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